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TÖRST Real Raspberry ØKO 33c

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Believe it or not, but we actually think that a raspberry soda should contain raspberries!

Few flavours bear stronger reminiscence of childhood summers than ripe raspberries straight off the bush. Organically grown in the best conditions they are picked at optimum ripeness, to be conserved in our REAL RASPBERRY.

To retain the natural flavour the berries are processed gently to extract their juice, the flavour is balanced with real cane sugar and the juice of Sicilian lemons. With 7 raspberries per bottle, we achieve the aroma and colour 100% naturally – we neither add any aromas nor colourants.

Serve TÖRST REAL RASPBERRY as a luscious reminder of childhood summers, either on its own or over ice with a sprig of fresh mint. For a refreshing raspberry mojito, further add light rum and a splash of lime juice.