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TÖRST Real Lemon ØKO 33cl

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Shouldn’t a lemon soda be just water, sugar and lemons? We thought so at least!

We brew our REAL LEMON from the highest quality organic Sicilian lemons. The tradition and heritage of citrus cultivation in Sicily goes back over a thousand years and the fruit, famous for its aromatic oils and tangy acidity, is considered to be amongst the very best in the world.

In production the whole lemon is shredded and mixed into cold water. The acidity is balanced with real cane sugar to complement and accentuate the fragrant aromas. The lemonade is mixed cold and is never boiled, to ensure that all the natural freshness is preserved.

Serve TÖRST REAL LEMON as a refreshing option on a warm day or any time you wish to savour a moment of captured summer and sunlight. Enjoy on its own, or mixed with a high-quality gin.