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TÖRST Real Kola Sugar Free 33cl

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Kola with a K? Well of course – that’s how kola nut is spelled!

The unmistakable flavour of a kola drink is achieved through careful selection and balancing of a number of aromatic ingredients. At TÖRST we make our REAL KOLA using twelve different fruits, herbs and spices to create a complex yet harmonic soda based around the traditional west African kola nut.

Instead of cane sugar we use a carefully selected blend of non-caloric sweeteners derived from the stevia plant together with erythritol. We make sure to use only products of natural origin, not to ever compromise a natural and mindful choice for those that also want a sugar free alternative.

Serve TÖRST REAL KOLA SUGAR FREE cold over ice on any occasion when you crave a great tasting and sugar free soda crafted from the highest quality ingredients. Still a soda, just better.