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TÔRST Real Elderflower Øko 33 cl

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Elderflower soda made from actual

flowers – with some lemon, sugar and

water – just like your grandmother

would have made it!

As always, we don’t use aromas,

preservatives or artificial ingredients in the

making of TÖRST. When creating a recipe for

the much sought after REAL ELDERFLOWER

we therefore went back to basics. Organic

elderflowers steeped in water, then mixed

with lemon and sugar and finally carbonated

– could it be that simple?

As in most cases, choosing the path of highest

quality ingredients with low processing payed

off. We have captured the essence of your

childhood summers in our REAL ELDERFLOWER

– the unique blossom aromas of early summer

evenings balanced with finest cane sugar

and the freshness of Sicilian lemons. Just like

homemade – quality through simplicity.


of ice on a sunny day. Standing proudly by itself,

it can also be enjoyed mixed into a summer